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Wednesday18 January 2017

Centor Precision Engineering

Since 1979 Centor Precision has established and maintained a reputation for high quality precision machining combined with realistic and reliable delivery promises.

We specialise in machining Non-Ferrous Metals and Plastics for clients within the Submarine, Sub-Sea, Medical, Oil and Aerospace Industries.

We also have many years experience of machining castings and our multi-axis machines are well suited to this work.  

Specialist Single Parts, Small Batch and Medium/High Volumes can be manufactured to your specific tolerances.

You can be sure of helpful service at all stages of a project. We are often consulted by existing clients during the design process for our practical machining opinions.


Try our Thread Manufacturing and Thread Inspection Data Calculator which

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Centor Precision Engineering Ltd
Unit 7, Upcott Avenue
Pottington Business Park
EX31 1HN
United Kingdom


Phone: 01271 378048

   Fax: 01271 372732


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